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Photo by Farrah Skeiky

Empowering the Diner is a Black women-led food and beverage experience. Centered on collaboration and inclusion, we bring folx together to discuss, learn, and explore their palate and pathways towards seeking and claiming pleasure and knowledge in food and beverage related experiences.

The Mission

We seek to dismantle colonizer-led perspectives and gatekeeping practices by challenging the status quo through creative, multi-faceted, and BIPOC-led educational and hospitable experiences that prioritize diner perspectives.

The Why

By changing how we access food and beverage education, hospitality, and experiences we make space for more folx who've been excluded by the discriminatory, racist, and sexist practices embedded in the industry from the guest to the worker.


The Resistance

We, Empowering the Diner, create in resistance to colonialism. This means that we build events that challenge the status quo as we exist at the intersection of many identities that are excluded from being centered or even considered as our own. We challenge the ways in which we can experience food and beverage while prioritizing exploration and pleasure. We bring our experiences with taste, flavor, and aroma to the forefront as we dive deeper into what we like, how we consume it, and why.


We are multifaceted meaning that we cover many experiences relevant to the diner whether sensory, sensual, educational, or the many other reasons and ways folx consume food and beverage. This is about us as BIPOC claiming ownership of what we know, what we create, and what we want to learn about how we can seek pleasure and hospitality in the world of food and beverage. 

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