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Meaning “Deep” in Haitian Creole, Fon is a culinary concept representing not only the depth of the African diaspora, culture, and cuisine, but also the varied amalgam of Southern Creole cuisine and culture. At Fon, our cuisine moves beyond tradition to growth, exploration, connection, and a harmony of cultures throughout the African diaspora. Staples of Fon will include preparations of peppers, potatoes, red beans, fish, plantains as well as tropical fruit; ingredients which moor all the cultures of ’Fon’.

Chef Byron Bradley pays homage to Creole, Haiti, and the entire African Diaspora through dishes that represent the coming together of peoples, flavors, styles and circumstances.
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Native New Orleanian and Classic French trained chef Byron Bradley Jr., has a passion for food that is deeply rooted in the culture and spirit of New Orleans. Specializing in the fusion of Creole and Caribbean dishes, Chef Byron has been mentored by leading chefs including Leah Chase, Aaron Sanchez, and John Besh. His experience as an Executive Chef includes hotel restaurants, private catering and special events. He has earned numerous awards and recognition from the Food Network and Southern Food & Beverage Museum among others.

Meet Chef Byron Bradley Jr. and fall in love with a most memorable dining experience!
An Innovative, creative, empathic, and community centered curator, Erica's work lies in creating inclusive anti-colonial narratives to better increase access to food and beverage through empowerment. She gives expansive language to experiences that seem inaccessible. She communicates the stories and ethos' of makers and distributors to  connect with guests and advance their knowledge of wine, access, and our right to exploration through our palates. The purpose is to explore wine with flavors that not only align with our traditions, but transcend them to make place for who we are becoming in the food and beverage world we are re-building.
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Chef Byron Bradley will be serving a 5 course dinner with the option to do either an alcoholic beverage pairing or a non-alcoholic beverage pairing, both curated by Sommelier Erica Christian.

The meal is a representation of our passions for storytelling and creating art for the palate. We will incorporate music from New Orleans, Haiti, and the African Diaspora to  meet an experience in which we explore flavors new and traditional. Fon, deep, is where we will take you - deep into the wonder and playfulness of flavors of the African diaspora. Deeper is where we'll take the beverage pairings from very different regions as they elevate, challenge, and affirm flavors in the food. Our equal integration of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic pairings allows greater access to enjoying this explorative experience.

Join us as we honor the growth, connection, and harmony of cultures within the diaspora and beyond. 
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FON Photos
FON Supper Club (2160 × 1080 px).png
from the evening
photos by the incomparable Maryam Kassim
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Purchase tickets by clicking the ticket below
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Ticket includes access to the cocktail/mocktail hour at 6pm. All food and beverage pairings are included.

**We CANNOT accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies outside of Peanuts/Tree Nut allergies, Fin Fish allergies, & No Pork

- No dish has nuts, fin fish, or pork

** Dishes have Dairy, Shellfish

**Please inquire if you have questions about allergies as ticket sales are FINAL. Email:
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