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Settle In: A wellness centered fundraiser for Erica Christian

"Settle In" is about gathering in community to settle our minds and spirits, especially during this holiday season. I constantly receive support in various forms from those around me and the need for that support never ends. 

I believe, deeply, that the circumstances that compromise our stability should not compromise our joy. So this is where wellness meets joy!

I will be serving up a N/A and low-ABV cocktail program - these drinks will be for sale and all sales will go towards my basic, wellness, and joy-led needs. 

There will be food from Green Almond Pantry, Jennifer Neely of High Road Spirits will hold a tasting of delicious spirits and sake vermouths, AND Fela will lead a "come as you are" standing yoga session to teach folx how to move and provide relief for their bodies in real time when on the job! This will all be provided at no cost!

Come through! Indulge in wellness and Ayurvedic inspired cocktails! Eat Cagla's delicious food! Taste some things with Jen from High Road Spirits! Taste some Cotton & Reed! Show up for your body with yoga led by Fela! And Settle In!

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